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“Apply These 5 Simple Rules and Never Have to 'Sell' Again...”

A message from our founder...

Selling isn't hard… unless you're doing it the wrong way. In today's world, sales teams that employ the "hard" sell and believe that a prospect's objections can be "overcome" are putting themselves in an antagonistic relationship with their prospects.

The Peak Performance approach to Sales is a neuroscience-based methodology that eliminates the conflict between salesperson and prospect, focuses on problem-solving, and aligns with how people want to buy.

Here's to reaching your peak!

John Martinez
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Thank you for working with us here at zBuyer! Your role as a catalyst and facilitator has been essential to our progress and your experience has enlightened us to many possibilities. Thank you for your invaluable assistance!

Lucas Edwards, Co-Founder of zBuyer
Lucas Edwards

I just want to make a public endorsement of John Martinez and Peak Performance! We are lucky to have had his professional insight and collaboration at just the right time for our company. I highly recommend his talents to any company wanting to take their earnings to the next level.

Aaron Edwards, CSO (Chief Sales Officer) of zBuyer
Aaron Edwards

We are having the best revenue year we've had in 5 years, and we directly attribute it to two things: new leadership - and John Martinez and his sales training.

Steve Smith, CEO of American Products
American Products

Who Can Benefit From Applying the 5 Pillars?


Learn to position yourself as a helpful teammate instead of an adversarial salesperson, increase conversion rates to prospects taking “next steps”, and ask “dangerous” questions without receiving pushback or anger.


Uncover and effectively deal with all of the things that could get in the way of a deal, motivate a prospect to take action WITHOUT any of those old manipulative “sales-y” techniques, and stop prospects from “going dark” on you.


Quickly disarm hostile customers, identify with laser-like precision exactly what the client really wants from you, and build authentic rapport in seconds.


Hold salespeople accountable and get an accurate view of your pipeline by implementing a standardized sales process, easily identify where salespeople can improve and equip them with the tools to do so, and onboard and train salespeople with speed and ease.

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