What Our Clients Are Saying…

Shawn Wolfswinkel, Texas Turnkey Properties
I wanted to chime in and give my feedback on the course after several weeks into it. John’s material has been very beneficial to our sales guys. We have our acquisition guys, our disposition employee, as well as our business development managers for our management company. They have all benefited greatly from the weekly trainings as what he teaches relates to all sales and applicable to all types of sales positions. Our newest employees with less sales experience have benefited the most. We started around a month ago with John and we are having our largest acquisition month at 16 deals so far for this month.

Justin Williams, House Flipping HQ
When I met John Martinez, I was begging him for something like this – and it has been awesome. Neither I or my team had taken any sales training before, and to have it specific to exactly what we do, especially on the level we do it on, has been priceless. My acquisitions manager has already closed a few deals using the techniques he has learned from John that he otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to hone in their sales skills go through John’s training. No, I am not getting paid for saying any of this.

Tom Parmentier, Express Homebuyers
John is the real deal. I’ve been super-impressed with the content he provides and the way he delivers it. I’d highly recommend him to folks. We are about 60 days in and everything is starting to click and take shape.

Colm McCormack, C&S Homes, Inc.
Before I met John, I was spending money to make my phone ring, but we were hearing a lot of “no…no…no.” After a while my sales people were asking themselves if anyone really wanted to sell their house, and more importantly started to doubt if they could even do this business. After spending just 2 sessions with John, it was clear how we were making mistakes, but more importantly, we now had a defined process to correct the mistakes. Now, we’re not wasting time trying to convince someone to sell their house, but rather aligning faster with those that are truly motivated. In addition to increasing my sales team’s ability and skill to sell, John has taken a huge load off of my plate of responsibilities. John’s solid training and great content has allowed me to focus on the growth of the business while not being tied down with training and recruiting sales agents.

Joseph Taylor, PDX Renovations & Discount Property Wholesalers
John Martinez has some good stuff in his sales conversion class. My team just started it 3 weeks ago and is loving it-you all should check it out (if he has room).

Frank Verdun, Property Value Solutions
John Martinez with Midwest Revenue Group has been great to work with. I’ve been impressed with his level of knowledge on the subject of sales psychology and his passion. He conducts weekly phone sessions with our sales team to provide coaching, instruction and role playing. He’s helped us with scripts and provided a LOT of helpful support materials. He’s also very responsive. Every time I’ve reached out to him, he gets back to me quickly, usually within a couple hours. He’s also made himself available to our guys via one-off calls or email pretty much any time during the week should we need immediate help. Excellent personalized service!

Lucas Edwards, zBuyer
Thank you for working with us here at zBuyer! Your role as a catalyst and facilitator has been essential to our progress and your experience has enlightened us to many possibilities. Thank you for your invaluable assistance!

Kyle Moon, Diamond Resorts
After 20 years of leading sales and marketing teams and organizations to record sales levels, I thought I understood sales process… until I met John Martinez.

John brought such clarity to the process for my team and for me on a personal level. By implementing his ideas and techniques we’ve been able to move our business onward and upward much faster than we would have without engaging Mr. Martinez.

His value is in his in-depth knowledge of the human psyche. He knows what makes us tick and how to control the decision making process from where we all find ourselves contemplating as a consumer.

John’s techniques and processes move the prospects decision making process from logic, which we all know builds walls and hurdles that as sales people we must overcome, to the emotional state, where we can use our value proposition to solve their emotional pain. He does this with simple straight forward and easy to use techniques.

I’ve been fortunate to have many great mentors in my career and I have attended some of the best training my industry has ever offered. But, hands down this was different and much more effective.

I can’t wait for the next project where I can justify bringing John and his team to the table.

I’ve referred his skills out to many friends and colleagues and will continue to lead people to him when they want to increase sales and find motivation for their team and their prospects.